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Received: April 3, 2018; Accepted: April 18, 2018; Published: April 23, 2018

Correspondence to: Evgeniy Bryndin, Research Centre “NATURE INFORMATIC”, Technological Platform Future Medicine, Novosibirsk, Russia;

Citation: Bryndin E. Development of living floor spaces on the basis of ecological economic and social programs. Resour Environ Econ, 2018, 1(1): 1-8

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1. Introduction

For a long time the person constantly changed the external environment, facilitating the existence. Till a certain moment the environment could resist to negative consequences of intervention of the person. Has led further progress of mankind to change of a situation. Rapid development of the industry, significant growth in the population of Earth, emergence of megalopolises have led to the fact that the Wednesday surrounding us has lost ability to independent restoration. Preservation of such tendencies can create also further threat of existence of the mankind.

According to the global anthropomorphous scientific principle, the Universe is created for the person.[1] This principle has been offered with the purpose to explain from the scientific point of view why it in the Universe observed by us takes place of a ratio between fundamental physical parameters which are necessary for existence of intelligent life. Preservation of these parameters has huge value for stabilization of ecology of the environment and maintenance of life on the earth.

The cosmology operating at the level of super big sizes, and the physicist of elementary particles at the level of small sizes, open to us a harmonious structure of the Universe. The Universe represents the balanced mechanism capable to support life. Scientific research has shown that certain values of many fundamental constants including social, are necessary for existence of life on the earth. Fundamental constants testify to the harmonious Universe system, to her balance necessary for providing living conditions of life.

Stabilization of ecology of the environment is necessary for maintenance of life on the earth. Ecological society of Russia has addressed social movements with the offer to participate in development of programs for stabilization of ecology of the environment.

The social movement “MORAL RUSSIA” and the Novosibirsk research center “ESTESTVOINFORMATIKA” have offered seven social and economic programs of assistance of stabilization of ecology of the environment. Social and economic programs for stabilization of ecology of the environment are developed in Novosibirsk research center “ESTESTVOINFORMATIKA” being guided by the global anthropomorphous scientific principle and provisions of the action plan. “The agenda for the 21st century” accepted at a conference of the UN on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, assuming the solution of social and economic problems taking into account requirements of preservation of the environment and without prejudice to future generations.[2]

2. Ecological program

The ecological program “Clean Air, Clear Water, Net Food, Net Energy, Net City and Village, Net Nature” is aimed, first, at improvement of quality of environmental assessment and responsibility of small, medium and large business on air pollution, waters, food, the territory and the Nature. Secondly, on responsibility of environmental services and the authorities for an ecological condition of air, drinking water, the territory of the city and village. Thirdly, on development and support of ecological projects and actions for control, accounting and preserving ecology of the environment. Fourthly, on development and deployment of an automated system of accounting and control of purity of air, water, food, energy, the cities and villages, the surrounding Nature. Information from an automated system of control arriving in the state and public ecological monitoring bodies will allow to react to the negative phenomena quickly. Fifthly, on implementation of economic process of a construction and acquisition of ecological housing on the basis of equity. Implementation of this program will promote the operational solution of all questions directed to recovery of ecology and use of the filled power sources, and the most important to transformation of the earth into the reserve on which people will live on ecological precepts.[3–6]

The hierarchy of life in the ecoworld is under construction on a chain: ekogosudarstvo, ekogorod, ecohouses. In the ekogosudarstvakh, the ekogorodakh and ecohouses ecolife, ecoproduction and ecocommunication are formed. Cycles of production, household and public processes are under construction on the transformations which aren’t breaking harmony of the nature neither on material nor on power, nor on spiritual levels. Society carries out transformations, without interfering with the natural course of the natural phenomena, with their natural contents, without introducing not natural elements to the world around neither household, nor production, nor social processes. Society and the person live in the ecoworld in harmony on the basis of environmental standards of life, communication and production. The person since the birth in a family joins in ecoactivity. The ecological thinking, an ecospirit, ecobehaviour lead the person and society to a harmonious way of life in the house, the city, the country and the world Figure 1.

Figure 1.   A harmonious way of life

The ecological world develops on the basis of the scientific achievements which are leading to waste-free technologies, not breaking balance of natural maintenance of the environment, external for society, an animal and flora and life on Earth.[7, 8, 9, 10] Development of digital technologies can promote transition to the nature to figurative nanotechnologies. The digital systems of processing of larger data by mathematical methods can help researchers to reveal fundamental regularities of formation of nano structures on larger selections of a set of the experimental datas of creation of nano substances in vitro. In turn, these fundamental regularities will rouse to creation of nanotechnologies on the basis of processes of the nature. Such technologies will lead to the continuous use of resources and the received substances and materials preserving the nature in production. The nature figurative nanotechnologies do not break ecology and harmony of a surrounding medium. It is necessary to create on the basis of the open international technological platform the wide coalition of the countries interested in development of digital systems for creation the nature of the figurative nanotechnologies so relevant for preservation of ecology, and as a result for preservation of life on the earth. Ecoactivity of society will be harmoniously coordinated by ecological health saving economy with the filled resources.

3. Economic program

The development program innovative ecological with the filled economy resources by implementation of the budget, innovative, investment, self-supporting and selffinanced economic processes, proportional, integrated and approved on time and territorially on industries, on natural and human resources, on intellectual and production property, on the demand and supply, on quality and quantity, on costs and profit, on the salary and the price, on ensuring prosperity of each person and a family, without violation of conditions of restorability of the environment. The regulation of a healthy lifestyle of the person shall be starting social norm of each economic process. The starting social norm of a healthy lifestyle of the person will allow to realize economic cycle of completion of a healthy human resource and health of a saving of the population.[7–21]

It is necessary to develop system of expeditious introduction of innovative offers and system of the adjustable taxation that economic processes during the functioning kept harmony and an associativity on demand of the population and offers of his realization, in parameters of a health-saving of the population and development of the person for dynamic coordination of economic processes. Implementation of such program will remove social and economic stress in society, will lift authority of the government and will promote the statement of justice in society.

For ensuring social and economic stability the government of the country, the authorities of regions and cities together with departments and the enterprises of various branches of economy count balances of the country, regions, cities and their inhabitants which have to provide financially production of products, goods and realization of services of healthy activity and their consumption.[7–21]

The state sets the fiscal rule for heads of the enterprises to provide each conscientious employee with a salary, a component of not less monthly cost of the products, goods and services necessary for healthy activity.

Regulation mechanisms for deduction of a ratio of the price, the salary, costs of production of products, goods, services and profit within social and economic stability turn on. Strategic priority directions innovative health saving up uniform economy are, first, maintenance of the population with the goods, services and conditions of a life of healthy ability to live, secondly, completion of resources, thirdly, environment ecology. Maintenance of the population with starting social and economic norm of healthy life is carried out by uniform regulation of pricing from a position of realization of the future demand for healthy ability to live.

Let {Xi}- set of the goods in the market, where i =1 to n;
Xi - quantity of i-th goods;
Ci - cost of resources on manufacture Xi of thegoods;
Ki - quantity of employees participating in manufacture and realization Xi of the goods;
H3Ж - norm of healthy ability to live;
Φ3i - a wages fund of employees participating in manufacture and realization Xi of the goods;
where Φ3i  (Ki × H3Ж) for all i ;                               (1)
Pi - profit on realization Xi of the goods in the market,
where Pi > Φ3i for all i;                                              (2)
Yi - the price of i th goods in the market;
K - quantity of the population;
P - cumulative market profit, where P = ∑Pi;              (3)
If Yi > (Φ3i + Ci):Ki for all i; that P:K  H3Ж22;           (4)
If Φ3i < (KiH3Ж) increases Yi, that Yi > (Φ3i+Ci):Ki.   (5)

If financial balances of all levels provide performance of a condition (4 ), they maintain social and economic stability of society of providing population with starting norm of healthy activity Figure 2. Dynamic balance is reached by regulation of pricing and interindustry balance the equilibrium prices.

Figure 2.  Social and economic stability of society

The effective mechanism of stabilization of economy is carried out by purchasing power, solvent demand, an equilibration of the prices, optimum increase in pensions and grants, but not injection in economy of the money which isn’t provided with goods and services.

Introduction of the fiscal rule: to raise a salary only at increase in labor productivity and quality of products, goods and services, will save economy from inflation because of emergence of the money which isn’t provided with goods. Then profits will be directed to innovative production technologies of new products and goods and to rendering services, or increase in labor productivity and quality of the existing products, goods and services, or expansion of production of the missing products, goods and services having 100% demand. Such fiscal rule forms the favorable investment environment for innovative activity from business Figure 3. Formation ecological health saving with the filled resources of economy promotes development of health saving medicine and a health system.

Figure 3.  “Investment environment”

4. Social programs

4.1 “Development Health of the Preserving Medicine and a Health System” program

The healthy nation is formed on the basis of a healthy lifestyle. To bring the population of Russia to a healthy lifestyle it is necessary to develop health the preserving medicine and health the preserving health system.[24, 25, 26, 27] Health the preserving medicine will train specialists in control of an organism for a healthy state and a healthy lifestyle. Health the preserving health system will periodically perform diagnostics of the population, to learn the population to control of an organism for a healthy state and a healthy lifestyle, to help to adjust through the improving preventive centers an organism on a healthy state and to pass to a healthy lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle provides to the person health all life. The healthy population will create healthy society.

A transfer of the population on a healthy lifestyle is made in four stages. First, mastering of lifestyle for restoration and preservation of acid-base balance of biological environments of an organism. Secondly, development of improving abilities at the spiritual, power, physiological and anatomic levels for achievement of a healthy state. Thirdly, acquisition of skills of a health-saving for preservation of a healthy state. Fourthly, accumulation of experience of a healthy lifestyle skills of a health-saving in various house, social and natural seasonal conditions (in the spring, in the summer, in the fall and in the winter) is necessary for preservation of a healthy state within a year.

Health and ecological wellbeing of the person are in indissoluble unity Figure 4. Important to each person to create ecological thinking. It is promoted by the valuable cross-disciplinary education focused on ecology.

Figure 4.  Health and ecological wellbeing of the person in indissoluble unity

For training of the population in a healthy lifestyle by the Novosibirsk research center ”ESTESTVOINFORMATIKA” scientific and practical and scientific and methodical literature on a healthy lifestyle is offered.

1. Lecturers for society KNOWLEDGE of formation health of creative outlook and motivation to healthy lifestyle the population.

2. Pedagogical workers for chairs of Health of universities and for schools on formation health of creative outlook and motivation to healthy lifestyle at the younger generation.

3. Health workers for the centers of health and sanatorium establishments for carrying out consultations, a practical training on transition to a healthy lifestyle and diagnostics of a state.

4. Social workers for carrying out a practical training with the population on transition to healthy lifestyle and formation of family and cultural public tradition of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Games-masters for training of the younger generation in control of vital systems and complete normal functioning of an organism.

4.2 The program of the ekologo-focused cross-disciplinary education

In formation of the ecoworld an important role is played by ecological cross-disciplinary education for formation of ecological consciousness of the person when he gains knowledge of specialities and of the ecological cultural and professional social environment. In the cultural and professional social circle of people earns results and rewards for them in a moral form. The crossdisciplinary ekologo-focused education is aimed at formation of the spiritual and professional person and the moral and professional social ecological environment. Cross-disciplinary knowledge orders how:

- to form the harmonious cultural and rational communicative semantic environment on the basis of harmonious cultural and rational values and knowledge of harmonization of activity of the person and society; - to develop harmonious cultural and rational communicative ecological practice in the harmonious cultural and rational communicative semantic environment on the basis of public contracts and solidary the practician for formation of ecological reality of cultural, professional healthy society;

- to intensify participation of the power, business and civil society in formation of the harmonious cultural and rational communicative semantic environment and development of harmonious cultural and rational communicative ecological practice;

- to draft acts on resource and financial support of practical actions for formation of the cultural and rational communicative semantic environment and on development of harmonious cultural and rational communicative ecological practice;

- to ensure ecological safety formation of the harmonious cultural and rational communicative social semantic environment with the high level of culture and an ethical lexicon of communication, with harmonious cultural and rational and ecological values.

Broad ecological education and education of the population an urgent task of all international community which solution needs to be found for stabilization of ecology. The purpose of ecological education is formation of social-and-ecological competence, that is acquisition of knowledge of ecological interaction with the nature, skills of ecological interaction, experience of creative harmonious activity in the environment.

It is important also that the ecological relation to the nature was formed by mass media.

For the solution of the environmental problems facing today mankind, possession of ecologically competent ways of actions in daily and professional activity is a necessary, but not sufficient condition. The sufficient condition is an ecological responsibility of people in formation of the ecoworld. It is promoted by peaceful humane environmental policy.

4.3 Program of peace, humane policy

When the policy is directed to achievement of harmony by the person with society and the nature and society with the nature and each person, then it becomes peace, humane reformative force.[29] The peace, humane policy is connected with each area of activity of society. For example to direct cultural policy to forming of culture for achievement of spiritual improvement. To orient economic policy to the economic activity approved with the nature on socially oriented economy with ecological productions and the filled resources, on implementation of requirements of a healthy lifestyle, on achievement of civil, social and material improvement. And so on. To develop peace, humane policy for this purpose it is necessary:

- to direct managerial and organizational efforts and material resources to development of the person and to formation of cultural professional healthy civil society, - to develop peaceful, humane diplomacy, - to develop a healthy lifestyle as cultural tradition to have healthy generations,

- to include cultural institutions and spiritual faiths in process of forming of cultural professional healthy civil society,

- to create infrastructure of self-government of cultural professional healthy civil society,

- to pass to socially oriented ecological economy which starting regulation is the regulation of the healthy person.

The peace humane policy is formed on culture of the world. The culture of the world resolutely urges to work on creation of the world accepted for all. The culture of the world demands to develop ability to smooth contradictions, to learn to work with joint efforts, overcoming blockages of last confrontation. Therefore she obliges to respect a variety, to transfer the competition to the cooperation based on the general values and the purposes by means of dialogue, mutual understandings, peacefulness, a consent and solidarity.

4.4 Program of spiritual ecology for sustainable development

Development of society can be only harmonious. Sustainable development of society is performed by harmonization of activity of the person and society. Spiritual multiplication when reasonable, professional, physical and material multiplication is performed according to spiritual multiplication, especially high-quality multiplication is the cornerstone of harmonization. There is a set of spiritual and moral doctrines. Values of all spiritual and moral doctrines declare one purpose: to direct the person to goodwills and blessings. The role of spiritual and moral education consists in implementation of this purpose. To teach the person to conduct, first, spiritual life on forming of human qualities, secondly, to conduct moral life on manifestation of human qualities in goodwills and blessings. Goodwills and blessings is that community which does people tolerant, that is aiming and capable to establishment and maintenance of this community with people who differ in opinions Figure 5.

Figure 5.  Goodwills and blessings

Goodwills and blessings in professional, family, public and personal spheres allow to harmonize to the person activity. Goodwills and blessings lead to solitary interaction professional the practician. Solitary interaction professional the practician on the basis of goodwills and blessings promotes formation of a harmonious cultural and rational social environment. The harmonious social environment is a environment proportional on values on a purpose, integrated on knowledge, approved on actions.[22, 23]

The program of spiritual ecology for sustainable development will direct mankind to organization of a civilization with spiritual tenor of life.[23, 24]

5. Results

Will help to rescue mankind from an ecological disaster, ecological thinking and behavior of people, and their ecological responsibility, the moral relation to the nature; harmonization of vital system by waste-free industrial cycles of the combined productions; eco-world formation. The problem of global ecological stabilization can be solved by implementation of social and economic interdisciplinary programs, such as, first, the ecological program Clean Air, Clear Water, Pure Food, Net Energy, Pure Cities and Villages, Pure Nature, secondly, the program of development ecological and health the preserving with the filled economy resources, thirdly, the Development Health of the Preserving Medicine and Health System program, fourthly, the program of the ecological focused interdisciplinary education, fifthly, the program of peaceful, humane environmental policy, sixthly, the program of civil education of harmonious life for a sustainable development, seventhly, the program of formation of fair democracy as way of life of society.[28, 29]

6. Research implications

Social and economic programs for stabilization of ecology need to be realized under the competent direction and control of the institutionalized infrastructure of scientific and educational society and on the basis of ecological thinking and behavior of all segments of the population.

7. Conclusion

The environmental problem of the environment exists around the world. Global environmental problems need to be solved together. All countries have to make thrifty use of natural resources and their completion; not to make waste: purely not where clean and where don’t litter; to develop and use ecological technologies, to realize the social and economic programs for stabilization of ecology promoting formation of the ecoworld as a mankind way of life.

World community will have to undertake decisive measures to stabilize the environmental ecological processes in order to keep modern and future generations supplied with a harmony between the meeting of their reasonable needs, social and economic problems decision, with the life on the Earth being preserved.


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