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Uncoordination of China's social assistance program resources and policy solutions

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Haomiao Zhang corresponding author


With the promulgation and implementation of Social Assistance Interim Measures, China has basically established the social assistance system framework with Dibao, Three-nos people support and disaster relief as the basis, with housing aid, medical aid ,education aid and employment aid as the support and with temporary assistance and charity help as the supplement. The establishment of various social assistance programs undoubtedly aims to fulfil different demands of urban and rural neddy people, however, the increase of social asistance programs does not necessarily bring about an increase in the effectiveness of social assistance. This paper analyzes the uncoordination of China’s social assistance program resources and put forward related policy solutions.

social assistance, program resources, solutions, China

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This work was supported by the National Social Science Project of China (17BSH062).
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Zhang, H. (2018). Uncoordination of China’s social assistance program resources and policy solutions. Social Work and Social Welfare, 1(1), 1-6.


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