Editor-in-Chief Application

    Thank you for your interest in the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) position for the journal which you suggest to newly create. Applicants for EIC must agree to the position requirements:

    Eligibility for EIC

    • Known expert in area(s) covered by the suggested journal;

    • Compelling vision, creativity, leadership ability and communication skills;

    • Previous experience of international journal(s);

    Primary responsibilities

    • Form an international editorial board;

    • Commission high quality articles;

    • Introduce the journal to a wider audience;

    • Make editorial policy to bring the journal to a new and higher level;

    • Make final decision on article publication;

    All information in this form will be treated as confidential and will only be used by SyncSci Publishing.


    Part 1.  Editor-in-Chief Application Form

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    Part 2.  Editorial Board Membership Agreement

    The acceptance of the following terms and conditions confirms your appointment as an EIC of the suggested Journal of SyncSci Publishing Pte Ltd, Singapore (henceforth called “the Publisher”).

    • Your appointment is initially for three (3) years, from the date this Agreement is signed, and will be renewed for up to five (5) additional years if we have a pleasant cooperation.

    • By this agreement, you acknowledge and agree that all ideas and improvements conceived by you in performance of your work shall be the property of the Publisher.

    • You are expected to observe carefully the general policies, code of ethics and practices of the Publisher which may change from time to time based on expansion plans for the improvement in quality of the Journal.

    You are expected to successfully complete the term as stated in this agreement. This agreement may be terminated at any time based on following conditions:

    • Lack of mutual understanding that pertain to general aspects, with reference to the policies of the Publisher.

    • Being unresponsive and failing to perform the assigned duties on a regular basis.

    • Financial problem of the Journal.

    You shall abide by a non-disclosure agreement made and entered into on the date this Agreement is signed, and for a period of three (3) years. It encompasses the non-disclosure of any and all information deemed private and confidential to third parties:

    • Any and all publication policy attributed to the Publisher.

    • Any and all specifications, proceedings, formulae, layout, design plans, marketing procedures, strategies, customer lists, non-public domain computer software programmes, and development of plans, past, present, future as well as financial plans attributed to the Publisher.

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