About Us

Established in Singapore, SyncSci Publishing  Pte. Ltd. is founded by several scholars from different research fields. Our company focuses on knowledge sharing and open-access instead of profiting. We are dedicated to publish high quality articles that provide innovative and scientific research findings to scholars worldwide.

We conclude ourselves as four identifies:

1. Information provider
Relying on all the journals with high quality articles, superlative EBM and excellent authors, Syncsci publishing is also a database including scholars and theories. We can publish, organize and disseminate the information in the forefront, becoming a helpful instrument to researchers.

2. Knowledge servicer
The essence target of Syncsci Publishing is knowledge servicer. We will give service to not only the scholars who are creating, passing and obtain knowledge, but also knowledge itself.

3. Academic partner
As a professional academic publisher, Syncsci publishing will handle all its work from scholars’ point of view. We will concentrate on scholars and scholarships, publishing high quality academic articles, offering assistance, holding conference and providing a communication and information sharing platform for all scholars. We will make efforts to become a trustworthy academic partner.   

4. Our Philosophy
Provide the first-class academic information for leading scholars.