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Marketing pattern for providing health tourism services in Iran Health Tourism Services in Iran

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Fatemeh Najafipoor Moghadam corresponding author
Irvan Masoudi Asl
Somayeh Hessam


Health tourism provides significant economic, political and social benefits to the active countries, which should be considered in a competitive market. Today, the medical tourism market is considered as one of the most lucrative and competitive industries in the world and is one of the new advanced fields of tourism. This is a descriptive study based on the method of research, and considered as a practical and cross-sectional point of view. This study demonstrates the importance of the mentioned factors in the proposed pattern of health tourism marketing, which should be emphasized by managers in the field of health tourism for short-term and long-term planning to develop it. In the stage of exploratory factor analysis, the “promotion” components with 8 variables, “procedures” with 13 variables, “partnership” with 6 variables, “evidence and symptoms” with 4 variables, “medical package” with 5 variables, “product” with 8 variables, “attention to cultural and medical sensitivities”With 6 variables, “cost” with 5 variables, “People” with 5 variables, and a proposed pattern including 9 factors with 60 items after confirmatory factor analysis Confirmed.

health tourism, marketing pattern, health tourism services

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Moghadam, F., Asl, I., & Hessam, S. (2020). Marketing pattern for providing health tourism services in Iran. Social Work and Social Welfare, 2(1), 74-81.


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