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Detection of abnormal situations in the operation of communication channels

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Oleg V. Chikalo corresponding author
Ilya A. Obukhov


Currently, many countries have high expectations for the digitalization of economies, meaning various elements of automation. One of the most effective tools in achieving a new level of digitalization can be the Internet of Things (IoT). The development of IoT provokes the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), which will be marked by the transition to fully automated digital production, the use of cyber-physical systems and cloud computing. Processes will be controlled by "smart" devices online. An example of such smart devices is modern telecommunications equipment, the operation of which accumulates large amounts of data - telemetry of various kinds. This "big data" can be used to predict possible future failures and other faults (abnormal situations) in the equipment itself. This article is devoted to the issue of creating models of normal behavior of various characteristics of communication channels, which is central in creating predictive diagnostics systems. Examples of such models are given.

creating models, IP Quality Monitor (IQM), Model of Normal Behavior (MNB)

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Chikalo, O. V., & Obukhov, I. A. (2023). Detection of abnormal situations in the operation of communication channels. Research on Intelligent Manufacturing and Assembly, 2(1), 41-51.


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