journal description

Theory and Clinical Practice in Pediatrics  (ISSN:2529-749X) is a broad ranging, international peer reviewed journal to pediatrics, publishing theoretical, clinical, and professional practice issues relevant to pediatrics, as broadly defined.
      Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:
       --Developmental-Behavioral Medicine  
       --Pediatric allergy and immunology
       --Pediatric cardiology
       --Pediatric critical care
       --Pediatric emergency medicine
       --Pediatric endocrinology
       --Pediatric gastroenterology
       --Pediatric hematology
       --Pediatric infectious disease
       --Pediatric nephrology
       --Pediatric neuropsychology
       --Pediatric oncology
       --Pediatric pulmonology


latest articles

Targeted molecular therapy (modified RIST regimen) in relapsed high risk stage IV neuroblastoma: two cases report

Indolfi P., Corbacioglu S., Perrotta S., Rossi F., Marte A., Pota E., Martino M., Pinto D., Indolfi C., Casale F.

Toxic metals and autism

Tarro G., Renato M., Franco V.

Sleep less, myopia more

Xu X., Wang D., Xiao G., Yu K., Gong Y.