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Effect of gamma irradiation on NaVO₃ in polycrystalline solid state

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Ana Neacsu corresponding author
Adina-Elena Stanciu
Mihail Contineanu
Daniela Gheorghe


An EPR study of the paramagnetic centers formed by γ irradiation of polycrystalline NaVO3 was made at 77 K and room temperature  was performed. According to their EPR parameters and thermal behavior, the centers were attributed to: VȮ3, VȮ32-, VO, VO+, Ȯ2- radicals. The spin-spin relaxation time was calculated from the derivative peak-to-peak line widths assuming Lorentzian lines. A mechanism of the paramagnetic species formation was proposed.

spin-lattice and spin-spin relaxation time, fine structure, hyperfine splitting

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Neacsu, A., Stanciu, A.-E., Contineanu, M., & Gheorghe, D. (2020). Effect of gamma irradiation on NaVO₃ in polycrystalline solid state. Chemical Reports, 2(1), 124-131.


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