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Detection of serum bone alkaline phosphatase in 77 adolescents

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Dingping Shi corresponding author
Dafang Wang
Yonggang Zheng


In the fast growing period of adolescent children, bone growth and bone mineralization are extremely active. Adulthood is the second peak of bone development, adolescent appropriate calcium intake into the ideal bone peak to achieve an important role. It is important to clear whether or not bone mineralization and to early intervene. Bone alkaline phosphatase (BALP) is the most correct indicator to reflect the whole process of bone change[2], we detected BALPon 177 cases of adolescents in 2007 to, evaluate the measuring meaning.

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Shi, D., Wang, D., & Zheng, Y. (2017). Detection of serum bone alkaline phosphatase in 77 adolescents. Advances in General Practice of Medicine, 1(1).