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Pitchou Mukaz Mbey
Dieudonné Moliwa Moningo
Augustin Mukakala Kibonge
Patrick Zihalirwa Ciza
Igor Mujinga Wa Mujinga
Manix Banza Ilunga
Gabriel Waratch Unen Wakunga
Olivier Mukuku corresponding author
Willy Kalau Arung


Objective: To analyze the practices of general practitioners (GPs) in terms of recommendations on individual screening for prostate cancer (PCa).
Methods: An anonymous cross-sectional survey using a pre-established questionnaire was conducted among 193 GPs in the city of Lubumbashi from May 1st to July 31st, 2020. The questionnaire included three parts: identity criteria of GPs, screening practice and the opinion of GPs on the recommendations.
Results: The participation rate was 79%. Eighty-two-point nine percent of respondents said they offered screening for PCa; 42.5% of them said they offered this screening to all men within a certain age limit, ranging between 50 to 75 years in 38.8% of the cases. Only 12.5% of GPs provided complete prior information to their patients. Thirty-six-point three percent of GPs reported combining digital rectal examination with total PSA testing, but in the presence of an abnormality, 60.6% reported that they referred their patients directly to the urologist without ordering other additional investigations (first or second line). Finally, 32.7% of GPs found that the recommendations disseminated were appropriate for their practice.
Conclusion: Individual screening for PCa is widely proposed; but there are differences between the practices reported by GPs and official recommendations of learned societies. Our study highlights the need to popularize the recommendations of learned societies to GPs.

prostate cancer, individual screening, general practitioner

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Mbey, P., Moningo, D., Kibonge, A., Ciza, P., Mujinga, I., Ilunga, M., Wakunga, G., Mukuku, O., & Arung, W. (2021). Individual prostate cancer screening: Practice survey with general practitioner of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. Current Cancer Reports, 3(1), 95-100.


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