Frontiers in Management and Business (FMB) (ISSN: 2717-5340) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on the science of business management which publishes reviews, original research, case studies, etc. The objective of the journal is to provide insights into business and management issues through the publication of high quality research from around the world.

The columns of the journal include, but not limited to:
--Business management and accounting
--Performance management, appraisal and feedback
--Organizational change, development and effectiveness
--Economic growth and development
--Economics of organizations and industries
--Finance and investment
--Management of technology and innovation
--Public administration
--Econometrics and finance

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Hideaki Sakawa
Editor in Chief:  Prof. Dr. Hideaki Sakawa
---Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya City University, Japan.
  Editorial Board Members:
Prof. Agnieszka Karman Institute of Management, Faculty of Economics, Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin Poland
Dr. La Ode Sumail The College High of Economics in Makassar Bongaya (STIEM Bongaya) Indonesian
Prof. Aleksandar Erceg Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek Faculty of Economics in Osijek Croatia
Dr. Aurelija Ulbinaite Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Lithuania
Dr. Goran Vučur University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Croatia
Dr. Leonilde Varela University of Minho Portugal
Dr. Talat Islam Institute of Business Administration, University of the Punjab Pakistan
Prof. Daniel Meyer North-West University South Africa
Dr. Khurshid Khudoykulov Tashkent State University of Economics Uzbekistan
Dr. Bahman Peyravi Vilnius Gediminas Tech Univ, Fac Business Management, Dept Int Econ & Business Management Lithuania
Dr. Nouha Khoufi Univ Sfax, Fac Econ & Management Sfax, Dept Accounting, Sfax Tunisia
Dr. Małgorzata Sztorc Kielce Univ Technol, Dept Management & Market Poland
Dr. Leoni Eleni Oikonomikou Department of Statistics and Actuarial-Financial Mathematics, University of the Aegean Greece
Dr. Patrice Buzzanell Department of Communication, University of South Florida United States
Dr. Theophilus Tshukudu University of Botswana, Gaborone Botswana
Dr. Purvi Derashri Faculty of Commerce, Parul Institute of Commerce, Parul University India
Dr. Siva Kumar Challa Department Of Management Studies, Ramachandra College Of Engineering India
Dr. Jose Prabhu J Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Management and Engineering Colleges India