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Pitfalls on strategy execution of an organization: A literature review

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Belay Getachew Girma corresponding author


The purpose of this study is to explore the pitfalls on strategy execution of an organization as organizations often unable to meet objectives and most likely fails, and this is normally attributed due to the inefficiency on the strategy implementation process. To address this gap, the research employed a deductive approach with exploratory research design by focusing on qualitative data as a systematic review of theoretical and empirical studies are more vital for this type of research. The study focused on a systematic literature review (SLR) of 22 peer-reviewed theoretical and empirical studies. By using a review and generalization of the existing approaches followed by synthesizing with relevant model portrayed organizations seriously faced a challenge on implementation phase and the inability to properly address the pitfalls on strategy execution process costs a lot especially to senior and top executives as they are primarily responsible for the successful execution of an organization strategy. Hence, organizations shall establish a clear evaluation system and sense of ownership for successful implementation of a strategy. As a future direction the paper also identified that a more in-depth and field work research in an organizations are vital in order to examine and address the challenges on the implementation phase. 

pitfalls, strategic management, strategy formulation, strategy execution, strategy evaluation

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Girma, B. G. (2022). Pitfalls on strategy execution of an organization: A literature review. Frontiers in Management and Business, 3(2), 227-237.


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