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Venture capital, enterprise performance and accounting information quality - GEM listed companies of China

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Javed Pervaiz corresponding author
Bob Qu
Junaid Masih


Aim of this study’s using the GEM listed companies’ data from 2015 to 2019, finding the relationship between venture capital, accounting information quality, and corporate performance. Through empirical analysis found that venture capital participation has a significant role in promoting corporate performance. Results show that higher accounting information quality has a significant role in promoting corporate performance. The characteristics of venture capital have a significant role in regulating the relationship between accounting information quality and corporate performance.

venture capital, accounting information quality, corporate performance, enterprise performance

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Pervaiz, J., Qu, B., & Masih, J. (2022). Venture capital, enterprise performance and accounting information quality - GEM listed companies of China. Frontiers in Management and Business, 3(2), 199-206.


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