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Towards sustainable, secure and safe energy: A future for thorium power

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Muammer Kaya corresponding author


Thorium (Th) is three to four times more abundant than Uranium (U) in nature and distributed evenly in most developing countries in the World. Th can be mined with relatively cheap and environment friendly mining methods from high grade alluvial deposits. Th extraction is relatively straightforward and inexpensive.  Th has better radiation stability and longer fuel cycle. Th has a higher energy density and fuel economy in the reactors. One ton of mined Th produces as much energy as 200 tons of mined U, or 3.5 million tons of coal. World’s global energy needs for one year can be supplied by approximately burning 6000 tons of Th. Since Th is an abundant and sustainable source of energy for the future, developing countries cannot afford to ignore. Molten salt and accelerator driven reactors have been developed for Th-fuel. Turkey has the sixth biggest Th resources in the world and must declare Th as part of countries national power policy like China and India.

Th-fuel, nuclear fuels, sustainable source of energy

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Kaya, M. (2019). Towards sustainable, secure and safe energy: A future for thorium power. Resources and Environmental Economics, 1(2), 43-49.


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