Application for Editorial Board Membership

If you accept our invitation to act as a Member of the Editorial Board (EBM), please fill out the Editorial Board Membership Registration Form below and submit it to us. The procedures can be outlined as follows:

  • Submit your Registration Form;
  • Accept the Editorial Board Membership Agreement;
  • Sign on line (Fill in your full name and date);
  • Confirm and Submit;
  • Become a full member of Editorial Board for one of our journals.

All information in this form will be treated as confidential and will only be used by SyncSci Publishing.

Part 1.   Editorial Board Membership Registration Form
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Part 2.   Editorial Board Membership Agreement

The acceptance of the following terms and conditions confirms your appointment as a member on the Editorial Board of the selected Journal of SyncSci Publishing Pte Ltd, Singapore (henceforth called “the Publisher”).

  • Your appointment is initially for two (2) years, from the date this Agreement is signed, and will be renewed for up to three (3) additional years if we have a pleasant cooperation.
  • By this agreement, you acknowledge and agree that all ideas and improvements conceived by you in performance of your work shall be the property of the Publisher.
  • You are expected to observe carefully the general policies, code of ethics and practices of the Publisher which may change from time to time based on expansion plans for the improvement in quality of the Journal.
  • The general responsibilities and benefits as an Editorial Board Member of the Journal are listed in the Acceptance Letter for Editorial Board Member Invitation.

You are expected to successfully complete the term as stated in this agreement. This agreement may be terminated at any time based on following conditions:

  • Lack of mutual understanding that pertain to general aspects, with reference to the policies of the Publisher.
  • Being unresponsive and failing to perform the assigned duties on a regular basis.
  • Financial problem of the Journal.

You shall abide by a non-disclosure agreement made and entered into on the date this Agreement is signed, and for a period of two (2) years. It encompasses the non-disclosure of any and all information deemed private and confidential to third parties:

  • Any and all publication policy attributed to the Publisher.
  • Any and all specifications, proceedings, formulae, layout, design plans, marketing procedures, strategies, customer lists, non-public domain computer software programmes, and development of plans, past, present, future as well as financial plans attributed to the Publisher.
Part 3.   Acceptance Letter for Editorial Board Member Invitation

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Editorial Board recruitment of Journal by SyncSci Publishing Pte Ltd, Singapore. Kindly go through the following terms and conditions:

Part 3.1.  Obligations of Editorial Board Member
(Please select more than one option in the following sections):

1.(Please select at least one option).  

  • A. You have scientific research manuscript nearly finished, and you’re willing to publish it in our Journal to support the Journal, the date is approximately (please select in the blank line below)
    Date Month Year

    (The Article Processing Charges (APC) will be waived once the manuscript is solicited by the Journal)

  • B. You know your colleagues around you have the demand of publishing paper, and you’re willing torecommend her/his manuscript to the Journal, the date is approximately (please select in the blank line below)
    Date Month Year

    (50% discount of APC will be provided once the manuscript is solicited by the Journal)

  • C. You’re willing to hold a chargeable online lecture, or record a lecture to contribute to the Publisher, and be willing to provide the online answer to the lecture. (20% return on profits as financial support for your scientific research if available)

2.(Please select at least one option).  

  • A. Review manuscripts according to your research interests, and complete the review within specified time. Maintain consistency with the Review Guidelines of EB and Editorial office.
  • B. Guide the revision or translation of more than one chargeable article. (the reward be discussed separately)
  • C. Promote the Journal when you attend academic conferences and activities, and provide related reports or graphic materials.

3.(Please select at least one option).  

  • A. Promote the Journal in all kinds of present academic activities on the behalf of the Journal.
  • B. Cite the Journal’s articles in your future publications if the research fields are similar.
  • C. Participates in the editorial activities organized by the Journal, provide constructive and practical suggestions.

Part 3.2.  Editorial Board Member Privileges

  • 1. The Journal will prioritize the publication of the articles from EBM. EBM has the right to recommend articles to the Journal. All articles recommended by EBM will be prioritized for publication upon acceptance after peer-review.
  • 2. Editorial board members will be allowed to participate in any academic conferences or scientific meetings organized by the Publisher free of charge.
  • 3. The Journal will publish EBM information such as personal biography or research achievements on its website and provide external linking to EBM’s personal page.
  • 4. Editorial board members will be provided more than 50% discount of APC as the first author or co-author of the article from the second year, EBM can also publish an article free of charges in the second year.
  • 5. EBM could organize a special issue for the Journal. (at least 20% return on profits as financial support for EBM’s scientific research)

If you agree with the above, please click the button "Confirm and Submit".

Full Name and Date:

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