Dr. Alba Malara

Current Institution: 
Scientific Manager of European Confederation of Care Home Organization (E.C.H.O) and of Associazione Nazionale Strutture Terza Età (ANASTE);
Past-President of Italian Society Geriatrics and Gerontology (S.I.G.G.) Calabria.
Current position:
Geriatrician Director of Long Term Care Facilities, Calabria, Italy
Skills and Expertise:
Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, Pain, Long Term Care, Comorbility, Multidimensional Assessment, Multidisciplinary Approach., Aging.
Research Items:
Dr. Malara has set up a research methodology based on daily utilization of multidimensional geriatric assessment tests used for clinical practice in a network of nursing homes in Italy. Sharing the same assessment tools results in a wider collection of elderly patients samples and in a longer period of observation. In particular Dr. Malara’s research is primaly focused on geriatric multidimensional assessment, dementia, behavioural problems, pain and farmachological and non pharmachological strategies, care of and of life, care quality and patients’ quality of life.