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A case of life threatening acute Nivolumab induced autoimmune haemolytic anaemia

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Abdul Rehman Farooq corresponding author
Clodagh Keohane
Maeve Crowley
Laura Whelan
Neasa Gallwey
Claire Brady
Seamus O'Reilly


Autoimmune haemolytic anemia is a rare but potentially catastrophic adverse event of im-mune checkpoint inhibitor therapy. We present the case of a gentleman who presented with non-specific symptoms while undergoing adjuvant Nivolumab therapy after potential-ly curative surgery for gastroesophageal cancer. The patient’s haemoglobin deteriorated to 4.7 g/dl with no evidence of bleeding and serologic tests indicative of hemolysis. He re-ceived emergent massive RCC transfusion receiving 9 units of bloods in 1 night, and was commenced on high dose methylprednisolone. During subsequent weeks of inpatient care, the patient continued to received multiple daily red cell transfusions and had a total of 53 RCC transfusions during admission, along with high doses of steroids,4 doses of weekly Rituximab as well as 2 doses of IVIG.While he was discharged on day 38 of admission, he required a slow taper of steroids over 6 months. Immune related hemolytic anemias are a rare corollary of immune check point inhibitors. The cases of immune related AIHA docu-mented in the literature were treated with steroids, Rituximab and IVIG, which are also rec-ommended by guidelines for the treatment of immune related haemolytic anemias.

autoimmune haemolytic anemia, Nivolumab, hemolysis, hematologic toxicity, immunotherapy, immune related toxicity

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The clinical trials unit is funded through the Health Research Board (Project No. CTIC- 2021-002), UCC Cancer Trials Group, University College Cork, HRB Cancer Trials in Ireland, 2021.
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Farooq, A. R., Keohane, C., Crowley, M., Whelan, L., Gallwey, N., Brady, C., & O’Reilly, S. (2022). A case of life threatening acute Nivolumab induced autoimmune haemolytic anaemia. Current Cancer Reports, 4(1), 133-138.


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