Published: 2021-12-20

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Page 141-151

Managing urban wastewater to fight the pandemic of COVID-19 effectively

blankpage Abdol Aziz Shahraki

The paper reveals the role of wastewaters in the spread of Coronavirus in cities and focuses on the need for collection, treatment, and management of wastewaters. While the focus of the fight against COVID-19 is on the production of vaccines, drugs and treatments, this article emphasizes the cleanliness of the environment with wastewater management. This paper is a novel work, since it presents a multi-side research concerning fighting against coronavirus through wastewater collection and treatment. Studies show that coronavirus exists in urban wastewaters and spread the COVID-19 everywhere. Coronavirus is attacking people globally and shrinking the economy. The question addressed by this paper is; will communities overcome the coronavirus without well-collected and treated wastewaters? The methods to achieve the goals are theoretical surveys, case study strategy, mathematical modeling, statistical procedures, forecasting the future, and discussions. A mathematical model will be built to calculate the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus with the help of registered statistics and predict the future trend of the disease pandemic in Iran. Since Coronavirus has been seen in wastewaters, results of this research demonstrate the need for carefully collected and treated wastewaters to overcome the coronavirus. This paper gives suitable techniques to treat wastewater as stabilization ponds, bacterial reactors, and anaerobic ponds. Concluding, this paper suggests indicators to select a wastewater treatment technique in every city, and its outcome will assist the global community in fighting the coronavirus more successfully.