Vol 4 No 2 (2022)

Published: 2022-08-01

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Page 343-359

Mediation model of media determinants of water rates

blankpage José Marcos Bustos Aguayo, Cruz García Lirios, Víctor Hugo Meriño Córdoba, Javier Carreón Guillén, Miguel Bautista Miranda, Margarita Juárez Nájera, Francisco Rubén Sandoval Vázquez

The press, by spreading the availability of resources, shortages linked with preservation. In this sense, the work explores nine briefings from 2019 to 2022 published in national newspapers regarding the lack of supply, quality, benefit, punishment and discomfort as a consequence of the water situation in a demarcation east of Mexico City. This finding was considered as evidence of a moderate degree of media coverage the press regarding the problems arising from water shortages. From the results discussed its implications with other studies conducted in the demarcation.

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Digitalization of the economy: Social threats

blankpage Ashot A. Khachaturyan

The article analyzes the hidden threats to society associated with the development of the digital economy. Shown are the main problems that digital can bring to social life and the fate of an individual worker. Chief among these concerns is that with the further digital transformation of the economy, more and more jobs could  threatened with extinction. The disappearance of old jobs this time will not accompanied by the emergence of new ones. A situation may arise when the workers released due to digitalization will become not only unemployed, but also generally inoperable. A global question arises - what to do with those, who do not work, and what to support them for?