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Vol 2 No 1 (2021)

Published: 2021-03-04

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Page 87-94

Impact of overall equipment effectiveness on return on investment in the Nigerian cement manufacturing industry

blankpage Ebomah Ernest Monday, UGBOMHE O. Ugbomhe

The formidable challenge of maintenance of heavy duty equipment for the day-to-day manufacturing activities informed this research investigation. The study examined the impact of overall equipment effectiveness on return on investment in the Nigerian cement manufacturing industry. It focused on the key indicators of overall equipment effectiveness and their impact on return on investment. Ex-post facto research design was adopted in conducting the empirical investigation. The firms in the industry quoted in the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) were studied. Longitudinal data of 15 years observation (2005-2019) were obtained and analyzed with ordinary least squares regression (system-OLS). The key indicators of overall equipment effectiveness subjected to empirical test proved positively significant to return on investment at the Coefficient values a1, a2 & a3 > 0; Prob.-values a1, a2, & a3 < 0.05 and t-Statistic values a1, a2, & a3 absolutely ≥ 2. These analysis results suggested that machine availability rate (MAR), machine production rate (MPR), product quality rate (PQR) variables of overall equipment effectiveness have significant linear effect on ROI. Based on these results, the study therefore recommends among others for top management’s support and commitment to proactive and continuous improvement production facilities maintenance for improved overall equipment effectiveness and sustainable corporate performance of firms in the industry.

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Page 74-86

Managerial capabilities and firms' sustainable performance: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises

blankpage Seare Asfaha Sebhatu

This research seeks to address small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)’ performance problems by linking dynamic managerial capabilities to firm performance. In today’s dynamic market environment, it is vitally important for managers/owners of SMEs to possess dynamic capabilities. This study limited its focus to three managerial capabilities namely networking, sensing, and innovation with the moderating role of market dynamism. The data collection process and analysis provided findings that revealed that Chinese SME managers/owners effectively employ managerial capabilities in managing their firms. The hypotheses tests resulted in significant positive relationship between the main variables and performance. The moderating variable, however, had a significant effect only on moderating the relationship between sensing capabilities and performance. The findings from this study suggest that SMEs need to improve their knowledge and application of managerial capabilities in transforming their business performance thereby contributing to the national economy. This study contributes to the dynamic capabilities’ literature by adding to the existing research on the subject. It also provides an understanding of how dynamic capabilities are deployed to build up a solid and sustainable firm performance that resists the waves of market upheavals and it is expected to greatly benefit theory, policy and practice.

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