Coal-chemical industry is the foundation of producing industrial chemical products. The construction of a large-scale coal-chemical industry facility is a systematic project. Coal-chemical industry is along with high investment, high tech, and long construction period. Thus, the appropriate management and control is a necessity towards low cost and sustainability of the industry. The purpose of this paper is to provide a guideline on constructing a large-scale coal-chemical industry facility. The goal of the construction is to make the whole project be cost-effective, and quality and timeline guaranteed. Thus, the paper focused on three control aspects: cost control, progress control, and quality control. Each control aspect consisted of control components and followed by case studies. All case studies were derived from the construction of Kaiyang ammonia synthesis project. Although based on Kaiyang project, the paper generalized the control theorem in each control aspect. As a result, all methodology can be applied on any large-scale coal-chemical industry construction.


• coal-chemical industry • cost control • progress control • quality control