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V.M. Starodubtsev corresponding author
R.M. Basarab


The perspectives of the Sentinel-2 satellite imagery use for the ecological and economic assessment of land productivity spatial heterogeneity in territories with microrelief are analyzed. The duration of microdepressions (“potholes”) flooding with melting waters on the winter wheat fields and the resulting decrease in yield have been established. A quantitative determination of the index of heterogeneity of land productivity and its application for the adjustment of the value of agricultural land in the sale and purchase transactions are proposed.

land productivity, spatial heterogeneity, microdepression, space image

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Starodubtsev, V., & Basarab, R. (2019). Ecologic and economic estimation of land productivity spatial heterogeneity in forest-steppe zone. Resources and Environmental Economics, 1(1), 39-42.


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