Our company is dedicated to publish high quality, original, peer-reviewed and scientific papers. We do not accept plagiarism, duplicate and redundant publication, fabrication, data falsification, image manipulation.

The authors should present basic research data and illustrated accurately and objectively in original papers. Any kinds of unethical behaviors and incorrect descriptions are unacceptable.

The authors should ensure that the original data using in original papers is preserved and retrievable for reanalysis.

The authors should ensure the originality of papers. Properly quoted and/or cited texts are necessary upon using another author’s citation, and the work should include a new interpretation. Plagiarism is not acceptable,including but not limited to verbatim copying another’s work, changing phrases but remain the essential content of the source or using other’s work conclusion as one’s own, etc.

The authors should not submit same study to two or more journals. Submitting one manuscript to different journals will be regarded as unethical behavior. Generally speaking, the authors should not submit published papers to another journal; however, secondary publication is allowed under certain condition. The author and former/present journal editors must agree on secondary publication.

The authors should not use or publish if the research findings are unreliable or without written permission.

People who have contributed to research papers, including but not limited to brainstorming, designing and conducting should be listed as co-authors. Corresponding authors should ensure that every contributor have reviewed and agreed to submit the papers before submitting.

The authors should notify journal editors and editorial department promptly upon finding any data errors, withdraw or make corrections of the papers. If journal editors or editorial department have acknowledged tremendous mistakes from the third party, above actions must be taken and correct data needs to be provided afterwards.