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The preparation of Garcinia Glycosides solid dispersion and intestinal absorption by rat in situ single pass intestinal perfusion

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Ye Chen corresponding author
Shengnan Li
Jingchao Ji
Yinghui Chen
Ju Liu
Yang Wang
Hongsheng Liu


Garcinia Glycosides is a candidate drug obtained by structural modification of Gambogic Acid (GA), which was acquired through High Throughput Screening(HTS). As Garcinia Glycosides is an effective but insoluble anti-tumor drug, the aim of this study was to obtain a solid dispersion form Garcinia Glycosides by using solvent-melt method so that improve the solubility and dissolution rate. The solid dispersion was characterized by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), infrared spectroscopy and evaluated the intestinal absorption of the drug by rat in situ single pass intestinal perfusion. The results showed the increase of solubility, dissolution velocity and absorption compared to other forms. This indicated that solid dispersion could greatly improve the relative bioavailability of Garcinia Glycosides in vivo.

Garcinia Glycosides, Solid dispersion, Intestinal perfusion, In situ single-pass perfusion method

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Supporting Agencies
This study was supported by grants from the Drug Discovery Initiative of the National 11th Five Year Plan (2009ZX09103-030) and Innovation Team Project (No: LT2015011) from the Education Department of Liaoning Province. Gareinia glycosides was provided by College of Pharmacy of Liaoning University, New Drug R&D Key Laboratory of Liaoning Province.
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Chen, Y., Li, S., Ji, J., Chen, Y., Liu, J., Wang, Y., & Liu, H. (2019). The preparation of Garcinia Glycosides solid dispersion and intestinal absorption by rat in situ single pass intestinal perfusion. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Research, 1(1), 15-20.


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