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SeDeM Expert System: A review and new perspectives

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Huimin Sun corresponding author
Mingxian Gu
Tianbing Guan
Shulin Wan
Han Zhang
Xuelian Li
Songtao Kong
Jianbing Ren
Chuanyun Dai


The SeDeM Expert System was first known as a galenic pre-formulation system, which was based on the experimental research and quantitative determination of powdered substances. And the mathematical formula provided by the SeDeM Expert System has plays an important role in the study of powder properties. The system can be used not only to evaluate the powder direct compression (DC) of excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's), but also to predict the possible formulations, so it can reduce unnecessary research and trials, and shorten the time of development. In this paper, the research development and application of SeDeM Expert System in DC was summarized, and the results showed that with a few exceptions, the system was skilled in predicting acceptable tablet formulations. Finally, the new application prospect of the system is presented, including the application of the Internet traffic and content management (iTCM) database and the new co-processed excipients.

SeDeM Expert System, radar graph, powder, direct compression, pre-formulation, co-processed

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Sun, H., Gu, M., Guan, T., Wan, S., Zhang, H., Li, X., Kong, S., Ren, J., & Dai, C. (2019). SeDeM Expert System: A review and new perspectives. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Research, 1(1), 36-47.


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