journal description

Materials Engineering Research  (ISSN: 2630-4503) is a broad ranging, international peer reviewed journal in material field, publishing material science method, technology, and characterization, relevant to material engineering, as broadly defined.
    Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:
    ---Material synthesis and processing
    ---Material Structure
    ---Material Crystallography
    ---Material Properties
    ---Material Application
    ---New Materials
    ---Emerging technologies in material engineering


latest articles

Heat treatment effect on the distribution of organic clay in polymer nanocomposites

Tian J., Li Y., Zhao Y., Ding Q., Ai J., Li S., Cheng Q.

Natural fiber reinforced polymer composites: history, types, advantages and applications

Keya K., N. Kona N., A. Koly F., A. Maraz K., M., Islam M.,. N., Khan R. A.

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