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Numerical simulation of composite materials with sisal and glass fibers for ballistic impact resistance

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Tibebu Meride Zelelew corresponding author
Addisu Negashe Ali
Getenet Ayele
Geta Kidamemariam
Ermias Gebrekidan Koricho


Body armor is critical to mitigating penetrating injuries and saving soldiers' lives. However, ballistic impacts to body armor can cause back deformation (BFD), posing a serious threat of fatal injury on the battlefield. The study performs finite element modeling to evaluate the protection of body armor panels. The numerical simulations consider various parameters, including impact velocities, and angles of projectile impact, which are used to estimate the residual velocity and damage patterns of the composite laminate. The simulations are carried out using the LS-DYNA code based on finite element analysis. The main results of the research reveal crucial insights into the ballistic behavior of composite materials with sisal and glass fibers. The study identifies specific responses, damage development patterns, and comparative analyses between sisal and fiberglass composites. The results have practical implications for the development of advanced materials to improve ballistic protection.

body armor, finite element model, fiberglass, impact velocity, sisal fiber

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Zelelew, T. M., Ali, A. N., Ayele, G., Kidamemariam, G., & Koricho, E. G. (2024). Numerical simulation of composite materials with sisal and glass fibers for ballistic impact resistance. Materials Engineering Research, 6(1), 323-331.


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