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The mankind the activity moves to an ecological disaster. The technocratic approach to the organization of activity breaking environment ecology forces to defend the Nature accidents. The mankind crossed line of technological development when the Planet became vulnerable. Will help to rescue mankind from an ecological disaster, ecological thinking and behavior of people, and their ecological responsibility, the moral relation to the nature; harmonization of vital system by waste-free industrial cycles of the combined productions; eco-world formation. The problem of global ecological stabilization can be solved by implementation of social and economic interdisciplinary programs, such as, first, the ecological program “Clean Air, Clear Water, Pure Food, Net Energy, Pure Cities and Villages, Pure Nature”, secondly, the program of development ecological and health the preserving with the filled economy resources, thirdly, the “Development Health of the Preserving Medicine and Health System” program, fourthly, the program of the ecological focused interdisciplinary education, fifthly, the program of peaceful, humane environmental policy, sixthly, the program of civil education of harmonious life for a sustainable development, seventhly, the program of formation of fair democracy as way of life of society. Social and economic programs for stabilization of ecology need to be realized under the competent direction and control of the institutionalized infrastructure of scientific and educational society and on the basis of ecological thinking and behavior of all segments ofthe population. World community will have to undertake decisive measures to stabilize the environmental ecological processes in order to keep modern and future generations supplied with a harmony between the meeting of their reasonable needs, social and economic problems decision, with the life on the Earth being preserved.

ecological disaster, social and economic programs, ecology stabilization, ecological thinking, formation eco-world

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Bryndin, E. (2018). Development of living floor spaces on the basis of ecological economic and social programs. Resources and Environmental Economics, 1(1), 1-8.


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