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Book Review: Hanieh, Adam. 'Money, Markets, and Monarchies'. Cambridge University Press, 2018

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Sarah Muhanna Al Naimi corresponding author


The GCC region can offer a significant research reservoir for academic research about its development as a global key financial key player. Precisely, the GCC's political econmy has been witnessing significant shifts that  enhanced economic growth rates in this hub.  Hanieh's book Money, Markets, and Monarchies attempts  to detach this block from misconceptions which reduced it to a nere source of abundant hydrocarbon resources and fuse this block to the international financing system. In order to fulfill the mission of this book, Hanieh anaylzes the economic arms, financial strategies , and devices that ehance the GCC's role in the global financial system. Hanieh's book is thought-provoking and insightful for scholars interested in the GCC region from an economic and financial facets. 

GCC region, SWFs, political economy

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Al Naimi, S. M. (2022). Book Review: Hanieh, Adam. ’Money, Markets, and Monarchies’. Cambridge University Press, 2018. Resources and Environmental Economics, 4(1), 331-332.