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Bo Leng
Yu Di corresponding author


Traditional Chinese medicine Qingfeipaidu Decoction was reported effective in treatment of 2019-nCoV diseases. However, the mechanisms of the drug were still unknown. Our paper tried to discover the potential mechanism of the medicine in modern science methods. TCM-BATMAN tool were used to analyze the ingredients of QingfeiPaidu decoction. STRING were used to built the PPI network. 428 genes of Qingfeipaidu Decoction were obtained by TCM-BATMAN. The main KEGG pathways were associated with the interaction of Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction, calcium signaling pathway, amino acid synthesis and metabolism pathway, glutathione metabolism pathway and so on. Patients of SARS and HIV were reported benefitting from applying the GSH. 2019-ncov containing HIV components and SARS sequence were report low glutathione. Anti-HIV drugs such as remdesivir and kaletra were useful for the diseases. Glutathione metabolism were regarded as an important pathway for the disease. Qingfeipaidu Decoction may be used to treat new coronavirus by glutathione metabolism pathway, and GSH may be a potential therapeutic drug for the new coronavirus.

Qingfeipaidu Decoction, 2019-nCoV, TCM-BATMAN, GSH

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Leng, B., & Di, Y. (2020). Bioinformatics analysis of Qingfeipaidu Decoction for 2019-nCoV by TCM-BATMAN and GSH. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Research, 2(1), 93-98.


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