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Carburization effect of austenitic alloys with various Cr and Al additions under the methane/hydrogen atmosphere on the corrosion behaviors of steels

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Shu Liu
Jing Cui corresponding author


The corrosion behaviors of six Fe-19Ni-13/21Cr-xAl (x = 0, 2, 6 at. %) alloys in 10% CH4/H2 at 800oC were investigated. 2 at. % Al did not affect the corrosion resistance obviously, while 6 at. % Al reduced the carbon attack completely for Fe-19Ni-13Cr-6Al but was still insufficient to form protective alumina scales for alloys with 21 at. % Cr. An increase of Cr content changed the appearance of the internal carburization zone under the optical microscope. Stability diagrams of M-C-O system(M= Cr, Fe)were established to estimate the diffusion paths of carbon in the alloys.

Fe-Ni-Cr-Al, carburization, high temperature corrosion, carbon attack

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This work was financially supported by NSFC (Grant No. 51801026), the Foundation for Young Talents of Shenzhen Polytechnic (Grant No. 601822K35018), Foundation for Young Talents in Higher Education of Guangdong (Grant No. 601821K35055).
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Liu, S., & Cui, J. (2021). Carburization effect of austenitic alloys with various Cr and Al additions under the methane/hydrogen atmosphere on the corrosion behaviors of steels. Materials Engineering Research, 3(1), 165-174.


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