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Rizvan M. Guseynov corresponding author
Radzhab A. Radzhabov


Aim  The main purpose of this article is to study the behavior of a metallic electrode in the electrolyte which contains a surface-active substance with the property of adsorbtion-desorbtion, in the galvanodynamic and potentiodynamic rejimes. 
Method  The study of the electrochemical behavior of a metallic electrode is carried out by operational impedance method, based on the Ohm’s low on the interaction between the Laplace-transformed expression of current, voltage and complex resistance (impedance) . 
Results  It is obtained the analytical expression of interface voltage –time dependence in a solution which contains a surface-active indifferent substance with the property of adsorbtion-desorbtion; also it is obtained the analytical expression of current density-time dependence which is passing through electrochemical cell in potentiodynamic regime of functioning of the Frumkin-Melik-Gaykazan model. 
Conclusion   It is established that the relation between the interface metallic electrode – indifferent electrolyte with property of adsorbtion-desorbtion voltage in the galvanodynamic rejime has the character of second order parabola; the relation between current density which is passing through a cell and time in potentiodynamic rejime of functioning in the Frumkin – Melik – Gaykazan model has exponential character.

Frumkin – Melik – Gaykazan model, indifferent electrolyte, adsorbtion-desorbtion, potentiodynamic and galvanodynamic rejimes, current density, interface voltage

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Guseynov, R., & Radzhabov, R. (2019). Frumkin-melik-gaykazan model in the potentiodynamic and galvanodynamic regimes of functioning. Materials Engineering Research, 1(1), 7-10.


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