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A case study of the correlation between internship selection and graduation intention

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Jingjuan Yang corresponding author
Zhaoxu Liu


This investigation program is to prove evidence for improving English major undergraduates’ understanding of internship program and internship quality. In terms of investigating methods, anonymous questionnaires survey and deep interviews were applied to English major 2019 graduates of School of Translation Studies in Shandong University (Weihai) in China. Questionnaires survey and interviews included the choice and thought of undergraduate graduation intention, the choice and thought of internship program, relationship of internship program with graduation intention, factors of the choice of internship program, advice about internship program, etc. Totally 60 questionnaires were sent out, 21 effectively received; 6 English major 2019 graduates were interviewed. After analyzing and summarizing related data, it is concluded that the correlation between undergraduate graduation intention (employment) and internship program is tight; the correlation between undergraduate graduation intention (postgraduate recommendation) and internship program is loose; the correlation between undergraduate graduation intention (postgraduate entrance examination) is loose. This phenomenon results from personal factors (personal understanding of internship, personal future choice), employment atmosphere factors (undergraduate students’ major, intention areas’ requirements), and undergraduate curriculum factors (curriculum schedules, curriculum contents). Regarding to the reality that the correlation between undergraduate graduation intention and internship program is strongly influenced by outside factors, related departments of colleges and universities need to improve students’ thoughts guide education as well as cultivation of related knowledge and technics.

English major, internship program, graduation intention, undergraduate, qualitative research

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Yang, J., & Liu, Z. (2019). A case study of the correlation between internship selection and graduation intention. Advances in Developmental and Educational Psychology, 2(1), 72-80.


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